Monday, September 8, 2008

Autumn Aker Eşarp

Aker's new Autumn collection is here so I thought I would do a post on it. Its a typical Fall season look, dark colors, autumnal palette and even some tartan and tribal patterns. There are a few soft pastels but these are broken up by black, dark blue or grey. The makeup is classic cold seasons too, dark eyes with thick brows and nude lips. The floral and plant elements of the eşarp are primarily Autumnal carnations, roses, daises, furns, maple leaves and for-get-me-not but with the hibiscus print reflecting the tropics.

As eşarp are designed to be repeated in a range of colors for each pattern there are many other colors than those described here, I have based my comments on the fashion shots below. Click the purchase button on AkerOnline to find some hijab based on the same patterns but with white or cream as the primary color.

Once a season of eşarp is finished they are pulled from the website so if you clickthrough from my old posts in polvore you will get a blank page, sorry about that. However I will be using all the new eşarp so that we can all keep our tesettür-hijab up to date!


*~Ange~* said...

sooooooo lovely.. i love the blue in the first one

Alixianna said...

Pretty, pretty. As salaam alaykom ramatullah wa barakatu! Insha'Allah your fast is going well?

Zaenab said...

lush! i love all the hijabs in this post, i wish i had one!