Wednesday, September 10, 2008

PVC Tesettür

This is from Yaren

This look is from Tugba's Summer 2007 collection

Now I just don't know about these looks, I am perfectly happy with leather/PVC boots, bags and gloves, but wearing a statement leather/PVC coat I'm just not sure.

In my teens I had a PVC coat in feeble attempt to do the 'Trinity' look but it ripped at the seams and got too small so I stopped wearing it and now I wouldn't wear it with hijab. I don't know if this sort of look has the same 'ahem' connotations in the Middle East. The other thing that bothers me about these looks is that they are tight and well, leather did use to be skin so I would not wear it like this even if I did like it in a garment.

As usual the black, red white esarp are great - I'd do this look instead like this:


Bosnian hijab girl said...

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muslimahh said...

Yeah, I'm not so big on leather either. But I do like the overall look.

Admin said...

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