Sunday, August 10, 2008

Wearing hijab at work

Some of you my be suprised to hear that up to today I did not wear a scarf on my head at work. I wore covering clothing like pant suits and skirts with a business shirt with a scarf around my neck but not on my head. Please don't be offended by my omission, hijab is something I really struggle with coming from a Western, feminist upbrining. I also struggle with what clothing Muslim women should wear - headscarf, draped over the chest, overgarment, abaya, niqab? Following my years at university where I did wear hijab I sort of opted out and just wore what I was comfortable in, long sleeve shirts, coats and scarves round the neck.

With Ramadan rapidly approaching and not attending a hijab fashion show just km's from my house for the embarassment about not being a real hijabi, just one who wears it to Muslim events, I really really felt like wearing it. I wore it to the mall and was so happy. People were nice to me, I felt comfortable and I just loved it. So I thought maybe maybe I should wear it to work.

I am wearing my normal work clothes, work shirt with a skirt and boots but with a sheer scarf hung around my head. It's not completely covered, as its sheer and needs an amira under it but its a start. No one has said anything mean although I have been asked if I'm having a bad hair day but mostly people don't even say anything.

I'm think of wearing this tomorrow - what do you think? The scarf is a tesettür type one, shiny polyester scarf, leopard print and floral so I've shown two scarves it is sort of a mixture of.

If you want to have a look at the fashion show look here: see this link here click on Forbidden Fashion, I hate the cringey title and intro but its great to see my friends on tv.


*~Ange~* said...

what do you mean not a real hjiabi? i would call you part-time. part-time is better than unemployed if ya know what i mean ;)
you shouldve gone though and pointd yourself out on the tv for us!!!

Celeritas said...

I know but I was scared. I hadn't made the decision to wear it to work then, so I didn't like the idea of people seeing me wearing it on the TV .

*~Ange~* said...

do what you want to do. It is sooo scary at first when you start wearing it.. i wore it a few times to uni when i was a part time hijabi. i was shitting myself but after 10 minutes of people staring and talking about me i thought "F*** it. im not wearing hijab for them. im doing it for God and the myself."
after a while you stop caring about other people seeing you.

*~Ange~* said...

btw where did you get the polyvore tab thingy from?

muslimahh said...

I've been wearing hijab for about 8 months but just started wearing it to work a couple of months ago. I don't know why, but wearing it there was the hardest thing. I would actually take it off in the parking lot in the morning and then put it on again when I left. I finally got the courage to wear a scarf in more of a Spanish style. I did that for a couple of months and then one day I told myself enough. I felt soooo guilty not wearing it. That morning I decided not to take my scarf off in the car. Nobody at work even noticed!! Be strong sister! I hope you find the strength to wear it full time! :)

Celeritas said...

Jazakallah for the support sisters, I'm wearing a loose mesh scarf today.
The weather's pretty ordinary today so it doesn't look so odd to wear a coat inside. I'll have to get some lighter ones when summer comes around.

If you want a tab go to your profile on Polyvore then click 'Add polyvore to my blog'

Jana said...

May Allah make it easy for you! Don't worry about a thing, the first step is always the hardest, but once you're past that, it gets a whole lot easier.

Do tell us how it goes!