Sunday, August 24, 2008

Autumnal stroll in the forest

My dear readers please humour me to post the outfit I am wearing today which is very similar to my Brown work outfit. I'm just so very pleased to have put together the look that I'm wearing for NZD$40 for the scarf, jacket, skirt and shirt. Well actually I'm not wearing the eşarp but I did buy one like this but in a cheetah pattern, faux silk and shiny shayla. I haven't yet worn full-hijab at work, I'm wearing my loose weave shayla which needs an underscarf draped around my head. I've still got my fringe sticking out, its a sort of "Yes, its still me and I still have hair" statement. I'm waiting for the big staff meeting tomorrow to gauge reaction to my half-hijab before I go for full-hijab.

A note on my Polyvore - my jacket isn't that tight and I still really like wearing jackets over skirts. When I wear coats people ask me if I'm cold and then I get hot so I look very silly. I'm wearing a loose shirt underneath but its only hits at hip height. I've put the peacock feather earrings on the skirt because that's the pattern on the skirt and not surprisingly I couldn't find an identical one on the internet.


muslimahh said...

Super cute outfit! And I love the bag too! I really need to wear more brown..actually I need to BUY more brown first!! lol! Thanks for the inspiration!

A Happy Hijabi said...

As Salaamu Alaikum

Wow so many Muslimas have style blogs :)

I just wanted to say thanks for the comment on my Ramadan List post on my blog. I'm glad you found it inspirational, that was a bit of my intention :-P

I will keep checking back here from time to time. I'm a fashionista myself and I'm in the middle of opening an boutique of islamically acceptable yet western chic clothes. :) Inshallah it goes well.


A Happy Hijabi

Alixianna said...

Let us know how your meeting went!!!!: hugs and encouragement from across continents.