Thursday, October 2, 2008

Please go to my Hijab Chique Blog!

I've decided to rationalise my blogs, that is limit my blogs to a smaller number. At the moment I have five blogs and that is too much, I would rather have three. Please update your feeds and links. I get a lot of hits through links from other hijab blogs so any hijabi bloggers, please add my new link!

Hijab Chique

I've written this post I Heart Hijab In All Its Colours  to explain more of my reasoning please read this post and read my new posts which will have a range of different inspirations.


Annouri Management said...

Assalam 'alaikum sister,

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Zahra said...

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MYGA said...

salams :) plz check out this blog

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Modest Closet said...

Salam Sisters!

Please do check our blog!

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Seno said...

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